Sharing Our Stories

"Not too long ago Foothills was a very different congregation. Sunday worship services were averaging less than 50 people, young families were rare, and the faithful few were overextended trying to handle all of the many tasks of the church. I was in leadership at that time, and I felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities and frightened for our future as a congregation.

At one of our many meetings, we decided to change our focus from survival to service. We voted to stop micromanaging every task through leadership meetings and grant permission to individuals to plan and carry out their own mission ideas. we decided to truly welcome the community (everyone in the community) and to let them participate fully in service to Christ with us. We even decided, although money was in very short supple, to stop passing the offering plate, so that no one would feel pressured to give and preferring to us that time to showcase ways to use our talents and time in His service.

It was all very scary, but this leap of faith was so worth it! Once we were engage in God's work, opening our doors to the neighborhood, empowering members to follow their own hearts in creating service opportunities (not just following the traditional ways of doing things), we were blessed abundantly! New service opportunities abounded, worship was dynamic and spirit-filled, new members brought new ideas and energy to the congregation, and that little box in the Narthex was filled with generous contributions that allowed us to thrive, developing more ways to serve the needs of the community and the world. 

Best of all, we went from survival mode to praising God for His abundant blessings, using those blessings to bless others, and setting an example for many sister churches. I learned that the "house of the Lord" isn't a resting place, but rather a lighthouse, helping the lost find their way home, directing the saved to find renewed purpose, and shining a light on the path of countless others."

And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work." II Corinthians 9:8

By: Linda Siegwald

"I have been a member of Foothills since I moved to Arizona in 1989. Since I had grown up in a Disciples church in Kansas I wanted to find one for my family when we move to Arizona in 1989.

From our first visit we were made to feel welcome and wanted. From the beginning I was encouraged to get involved. Over the years I have done just that, from serving on committees, belonging to the women's group, to helping with the Worship and Wonder program as a storyteller. With each experience I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with wonderful people and to deepen my faith.

This past year when Foothills became a site for Market on the Move, I found another opportunity to serve others. I knew of the program and that to be successful it needed volunteers. Because I believed in the project I volunteered to help on the Saturdays it was open. During that time I met many people who were eager to express their gratitude that we were sharing our space to make this ministry possible. They shared recipes and ways to preserve the produce. They shared stories of how they shared with their neighbors, family and co-workers. I even found myself dusting off my cooking and canning skills and sharing with others. We will again be hosting this program starting November 4 and then the first Saturday of each month through April. I plan to again participate and would encourage any of you who are looking for a way to serve our community to consider signing up to help with this great ministry." 

By: Pam Bobbitt

"In all honesty, church was not a central focus during my childhood. In fact, the first time I set foot in a church was for my father's funeral when I was nine years old - not exactly the best way to be introduced to a church community. For all the intents and purposes, I was raised Christian but my parents exposed me and my sisters to different religions and left the door open for questioning and our own spiritual growth.

After I had my daughters, Viven and Elianna, I felt a desire to find a church to call home. Part of this came from my mother-in-law who was constantly on my husband's case to go to church! Part of this arose from a place within me that yearned to find a sens of community. My desire to find a church turned into an urgency after my grandma passed away in October 2016 as well as the presidential election that followed in November 2016. I felt hopeless and depressed. I had more questions than answers. I longed to be surrounded by like-minded people. 

Serendipitously, I met Pastor Krevens through Stepping Stones Preschool in January 2017. After talking with her, I found myself thinking Foothills could be the church for my family. I believe the first time my daughters and I attended a service was in February 2017. After that first service, I knew we would be coming back. Even though I was stepping out of my comfort zone in attending church, I felt at ease and accepted as well as an overwhelming sense of community and love at Foothills. After I attended my first service at Foothills, I read more about the Disciples of Christ and found that my beliefs were reflected in the denomination. There are SO many things that I love about Foothills - the emphasis on service, promoting social justice, honoring people for who they are, meaningful and timely sermons, etc. What I love MOST about Foothills is the people and for that reason, I have found my family's church. We are so blessed to be part of the Foothills community!"

by: Emily Rian Saeteurn

"Finding a new church is never least not for me. But when I felt it was necessary to find a new, more personal congregation to call home, it didn't take long to find Foothills Christian Church. I found it by searching online and then recognized it as 'the church with the tower across from Safeway.' Before visiting for Sunday service, I listened to some of the sermons that were posted on the church website. I also read up on the Disciples of Christ as I had no previous knowledge of the denomination. With a few facts and figures in my mind, my daughter and I attend our first Sunday service. 

I was happy to see a friendly, diverse congregation that immediately (and with no pressure) welcomed us. I enjoyed the service, the message, and especially the open communion table. We were invited to the fellowship time after service and met several friendly folks including the pastor. But what me return so quickly was the greeting made by Ann Root of the Foothills Knitters group. She sought me out, pinned me down about my skill as a crafter (somewhat limited but that didn't matter!), and invited me to their meeting the next day. I attended..and the rest is in the past. At Easter time this year, I formally joined the church.

The things I appreciate most about the church are: 

-the amount and kinds of community service done by the people of Foothills

-the pastor and staff

-the willing and friendly members and visitors, and

-the availability of ways to serve. 

Thank God for you!"

By: Cathy Matchett